Advanced Placement Exam Information

AP Exam Schedule

AP examinations take place each May. Prior to writing the exams, students will write "mock" or practice exams in late April in order to be fully prepared for the May examinations. Students will be provided with all exam dates well in advance and will also receive resources to help them prepare for the exams. For more information, visit the College Board's AP site.

Exam Fees

There is a fee of approximately $100 per AP examination. The cost is subject to change and depends on the value of the U.S. dollar.

AP examinations are normally ordered from the College Board at the end of February. Exams are automatically ordered for all students enrolled in courses with an AP designation. In addition, students will also have the opportunity to register for exams in English and the World Languages which are not associated with AP courses. The registration for these exams will take place well before the February due date. Students withdrawing from AP exams after the exams have been ordered from the College Board will be charged a $20 per exam cancellation fee.

Advanced Placement Exam Grade Scale

The AP grade scale ranges from 5 to 1.

Grade Meaning
5 Extremely well qualified
4 Well qualified
3 Qualified
2 Possibly qualified
1 No recommendation