2007 Advanced Placement Results

In May 2007, Trinity College School students wrote a total of 126 Advanced Placement examinations. Out of this group, on 35 exams (28% of the total), our students earned the top grade of 5 (extremely well qualified). Normally, a grade of 5 is only awarded to the top 10-15% in each subject area out of the global population writing these examinations. As well, grades of 3 or better were earned on over 80% of the exams written by TCS students. All of our AP students are congratulated for their hard work and fine effort on these challenging examinations.

Nine of our students, by writing and earning at least a 3 on three AP exams, earned the distinction of AP Scholar. The names of the following AP Scholars will appear on the Trinity College School AP Scholar Board:

Sarah Ammons ’07
John S. Baxter ’07
Christine T. Bryant ’07
Conor O. Doyle ’07
Madeleine G. Egan ’07
Samuel Jung Hwan Lee ’07
Claudia Sanchez ’07
Jacob A. Tuominen ’07
Cliff Whetung ’07