2008 Advanced Placement Results

In May 2008, students of Trinity College School wrote their Advanced Placement examinations moderated by the College Board in the United States. Students were awarded grades on a scale from 1 to 5, with a grade of ‘5” indicating that the student was “extremely well qualified” in that subject. Overall, TCS students did very well on their examinations. Twenty-nine students earned a grade of ‘5’ (approximately, 26% of the total) on their exam. Normally, a grade of ‘5’ is only awarded to the top 10-15% in each subject area, out of the global population. As well, grades of ‘3’ (qualified) or better were earned on 82% of the exams written by TCS students.

Students writing at least three AP examinations were eligible for AP Scholar awards. Dayna Taylor was awarded the honour of AP Canadian National Scholar by earning a grade of ‘4’ or better on five different examinations. Dayna earned grades of ‘5’ in Physics, Calculus, English Literature, and English Language, in addition to a ‘4’ in Chemistry. This distinction demonstrates an outstanding level of scholarship and Dayna is the 9th student in TCS history to earn this honour. This year, Dayna will be attending McMaster University on a President’s Scholarship in their Arts and Science program. By earning a ‘3’ or better on five exams Heather Godard and Thanh Vu earned AP Scholar with “Distinction” awards. In addition, Mirjam Breithaupt, Sean Kim, and Vera Liang earned recognition as AP Scholars with “Honour” by earning a grade of ‘3’ or better on four examinations. The thirteen students listed below earned the distinction of AP Scholar, by earning at least a ‘3’ on three different AP exams. Congratulations are extended to all AP students for their hard work and desire to be challenged well beyond the requirements of the Ontario curriculum.

Mirjam Breithaupt*
Robin Courtice
Sarah Essak
Heather Godard**
Sean (Seong Won) Kim*
So Youn Kim
Vera Liang*
Carmen (Hoi Yan) Ng
Kristen Pallen
Claire Stewart
Dayna Taylor** (Canadian National Scholar)
Thanh Vu**
Theresa (Wai Yi) Yip

* with Honour; ** with Distinction