2009 Advanced Placement Results

In May 2009, TCS Grade 11 and 12 students wrote their Advanced Placement (AP) examinations. These standardized exams are designed by the College Board in Princeton, New Jersey and are written by students in over 110 countries throughout the world. For each exam, students were awarded grades on a scale from 1 to 5, with a grade of “5” indicating that the student was “extremely well qualified” in that subject.

This year, 188 AP examinations were written at TCS, an increase of 79 exams when compared to May 2008. Once again, Trinity College School students did very well on their examinations, as over 30% of our students earned the top grade of 5 and over 78% of our exam candidates earned a grade of 3 (qualified) or better.

Students writing at least three AP examinations were eligible for AP Scholar awards. Alaya Yassein ’09 earned the honour of Advanced Placement Canadian National Scholar by earning a grade of 4 or better on five different examinations. In particular, Alaya earned grades of 5 in statistics, calculus and English language, and grades of 4 in chemistry and English literature. Alaya becomes the tenth student in TCS history to earn this outstanding level of achievement. This year, Alaya will be attending Queen’s University and is enrolled in their honours science programme.

Also, Clayton Whetung ’09 distinguished himself by writing five exams in May. He earned a 3 or better on all of his exams, and is recognized as an AP Scholar with Distinction. Clayton will be attending Princeton University. By earning at least a 3 on five exams in four different subject areas (English, world language, world perspective and mathematics/science), Christopher Mobayeni ’09 has earned the AP International Diploma. Christopher becomes the second student in TCS history to earn this honour. Also, Grade 12 students William Chung , Arin Theravithayangkura and Jennifer Yuen earned recognition as AP Scholars with Honour by earning a grade of 3 or better on four examinations. Students earning at least a 3 on three different AP exams are awarded the distinction of AP Scholar.

A complete list of our 12 AP Scholars, all of whom were graduating students, is shown below. All TCS students writing AP exams are congratulated for their commitment and hard work when preparing for these challenging exams, as their scope and difficulty extends well beyond the requirements of the Ontario curriculum.

Mackenzie Bowen
William (Wai Lam) Chung*
Ana Laura Maass Salazar
Varun Mehta
Christopher Mobayeni (APID)
Emily Murphy
Akin Sobowale
Arin Theravithayangkura*
Clayton Whetung**
David Woodward
Alaya Yassein** (Canadian National Scholar)
Jennifer Yuen*
* = AP Scholar with Honour; ** = AP Scholar of Distinction)

This year, the AP recognition board listing our past, present and future AP Scholars, has been relocated and redesigned. The new recognition board is now featured in the main hallway on the ground floor of the Fessenden wing. New glass panels have replaced the wooden panels, and the new display includes a statement of philosophy of the TCS AP programme, as well as descriptions of each level of AP recognition.

For 2009-2010, the Advanced Placement programme continues to grow. Based on current enrolment, it is expected that approximately 240 to 250 exams will be written in May 2010. In addition, two exciting courses, Government and Politics: Comparative and Computer Science A, will be offered this year for the first time. This enables TCS to offer all three World Perspective AP courses required for the AP International Diploma. As well, the AP Computer Science course will allow students another choice in the mathematics/science category and should pique the interest of our talented programmers. The addition of these two courses gives our students the choice of 20 different Advanced Placement courses/exams.