2012 Advanced Placement Results

In May 2012, 117 Trinity College School students in Grades 10, 11 and 12 wrote their Advanced Placement (AP) examinations. These standardized university level exams are designed and moderated by the College Board in Princeton, New Jersey. The AP programme has continued its growth by expanding into China and India. Last year’s exams were written by students in over 110 countries, including 582 schools across Canada. This year at TCS, 191 examinations were written in 19 different subjects.

For each exam, students earned grades on a scale from 1 to 5, with a grade of 5 indicating that the student was “extremely well qualified” in that subject. TCS has maintained an outstanding level of achievement as 28.8% of our students earned the top grade of 5 or over and 81% of our exam candidates earned a grade of 3 (qualified) or better. Our School’s mean score was 3.60 (out of 5), as compared to the Canadian and global mean scores of 3.51 and 2.91, respectively.

AP Scholars

Students earning at least a 3 on three different AP exams were awarded the distinction of AP Scholar. This year, 20 students, representing 17% of our graduating class, earned this level of distinction. As well, almost 60% of our graduating class earned at least one mark of 3 or better on an AP exam during their academic careers at TCS.

A complete list of our AP Scholars is shown below. As in the past, these students’ names will appear on the AP recognition board in the main hallway on the ground floor of the Fessenden Wing.

Laura Alessandrini*
Madeline Baker
Emily Bradeen*
Melanie Breithaupt
Louis Burke*
Cameron Byers
Lia Cho

Kathy Chow
Eila Collings
Nicole Czegledy*
Meryl Fang** CNS
Alexander Jack**
Arthur Lo
Anique Mercier*

Jesse Mikelberg*
Justin Morin** APID
Sophie Richer La Fleche
Benjamin Roughton
Alexa Terfloth
Paul Vermeulen

*AP Scholar with Honour
**AP Scholar with Distinction
CNS = Canadian National Scholar
APID = AP International Diploma

Additional honours

This year, Meryl Fang achieved the honour of Canadian National Scholar and AP Scholar with Distinction. To earn this extremely high level of achievement, students must earn grades of 4 or better on five different examinations, and have an overall average of at least 4 on all exams written. During her TCS career, Meryl earned the top grade of 5 in six different AP courses: Chemistry, Physics, World History, Calculus BC, Statistics and French Language and Culture. Last year there were fewer than 100 Canadian National Scholars in Ontario, and only 18 students have achieved this honour in TCS history.

Justin Morin was awarded the AP Scholar with Distinction and the AP International Diploma for earning at least a 3 on five exams in four different subject areas, which include English, world languages, social sciences from a world perspective and mathematics/science. He becomes only the fourth student in TCS history to earn this honour.

Alexander Jack earned a 3 or better on all of his five exams, with an overall average of 4.0, and was also recognized as an AP Scholar with Distinction. As well, Laura Alessandrini, Emily Bradeen, Louis Burke, Nicole Czegledy, Anique Mercier and Jesse Mikelberg earned recognition as AP Scholars with Honour by earning a grade of 3 or better on at least four examinations, as well as an overall average of 3.25 or better on all exams. Also of note, Jesse Mikelberg became the fourth student in TCS history to earn AP Scholar recognition in his Grade 11 year.

Our AP students and teachers are congratulated and thanked for their commitment and hard work preparing for these university level exams, as the breadth and difficulty of the AP programme extends well beyond the requirements of the Ontario curriculum.