2013 Advanced Placement Results

In May 2013, 137 Trinity College School students in Grades 10, 11 and 12 wrote their Advanced Placement (AP) examinations. These standardized exams are designed and moderated by the College Board in Princeton, New Jersey. With its latest expansion into China and India, the AP programme has continued to grow. Last year, almost four million exams were written by students from around the world. For each exam, students earned grades on a scale from 1 to 5, with a grade of 5 indicating that the student was “extremely well qualified” in that subject.

This year, TCS students wrote a record number of 236 examinations; more than double the 109 exams completed in May 2008. As well, TCS has maintained an outstanding level of achievement, as 31% of our students earned the top grade of 5 and 82% of our AP candidates earned a passing grade of 3 (qualified) or better. The mean exam score for TCS students was 3.66, which compares favourably with the mean scores of Ontario (3.50), Canada (3.46) and globally (2.89). As well, 53% of our 2013 graduating class earned at least one grade of 3 or better on an AP exam sometime during their TCS academic careers.

AP Scholars

Students earning a grade of at least 3 on three different AP exams were awarded the distinction of AP Scholar. This year, 30 students, representing 20% of our graduating class, earned this distinction. This is the second highest number of AP Scholars in TCS history; second only to the 34 achieved in 2010. A complete list of our AP Scholars is shown below. As in the past, their names will appear on the AP recognition board in the main hallway on the ground floor of the Fessenden Wing.

Nick Allan
Charlotte Au
Bucky Badejo*
Cameron Brice-Elion
Rachel Butler*
Zack Chauvin**CNS
Martin Chu*
Sage Cryderman
Kyle de Kock*
Ayshwarya Gauba

Lauren Hazlewood
Rochelle Lee
Felix Ma**CNS
Navin Mahabir*
Catherine McDonald**
Jeremy Micheletti
Jesse Mickelberg**
Daniel Morra*
Sandrine Nkunzimana
Judy Offrey**

Amanda Pinto
Cal Quantrill**CNS
Luisa Roberts
Sophie Roberts
Olivia Segsworth
Simon Shum Shen
Liz Vasilkovs**CNS
Steven Wei**
Ryan Williams*
Francis Wong**

*AP Scholar with Honour
**AP Scholar with Distinction
CNS = Canadian National Scholar

Additional honours

This year, four students achieved the honour of Canadian National Scholar and AP Scholar with Distinction. To achieve this level of distinction, students must earn grades of 4 or better on five different examinations, a feat which was achieved by Zack Chauvin, Felix Ma, Cal Quantrill and Liz Vasilkovs. In fact, Zack Chauvin capped his outstanding TCS academic career by earning a grade of 5 on all six of his exams (calculus, computer science, chemistry, biology, physics and French). Each year there are only 80-100 Canadian National Scholars in Ontario, and only 22 students have achieved this honour in TCS history.

Catherine McDonald, Jesse Mikelberg, Judy Offrey, Steven Wei and Francis Wong earned a 3 or better on five exams, with an overall average of at least 3.5, and were recognized as AP Scholars with Distinction. As well, Bucky Badejo, Rachel Butler, Martin Chu, Kyle de Kock, Navin Mahabir, Daniel Morra and Ryan Williams earned recognition as AP Scholars with Honour by earning a grade of 3 or better on at least four examinations, as well as maintaining an overall average of at least 3.25 on all exams.

Our AP students and faculty are congratulated for their hard work and commitment to the AP programme, as the breadth and difficulty of these examinations extends well beyond the requirements of the Ontario curriculum.

For the 2013-2014 school year, the AP programme continues to grow as 240 students have already registered to take AP courses. This year will also mark the return of Mr. Ron Parker’s AP Music Theory course. In addition, the College Board is currently piloting a new programme called the AP|Cambridge Capstone Credential in 15 schools around the world. This two-year programme requires the completion of three AP courses, a seminar course in Grade 11 and a research project in Grade 12. TCS is actively pursuing this programme and, if successful, could begin offering this credential as early as September 2014.