The TCS English program principally aims to give students sufficient command of language and broadness of mind to think for themselves. First, students master the fundamentals of English: reading accurately, understanding basic grammar, structuring essays and speaking articulately. They improve their skills in these areas through assignments that include creative writing, regular essays, revision work, peer criticisms, précis, class speeches, presentations and debates.

In addition, they are exposed to a wide variety of literature (short stories, essays, drama, poetry, novels) and are encouraged to think critically about the themes of these works. The program places special emphasis on independent study, group work and comparisons with related material in a variety of media.

Credit courses in English as a Second Language are provided for Senior School students with particular needs in this area.

Below are the department's 2019-2020 course offerings:

Grade 9 English (ENG1D)

Grade 10 English (ENG2D)

Grade 10 English (Travel Option) (ENG2DT)

Grade 9 English as a Second Language (ESLDO)

Grade 10 English as a Second Language (ESLEO)

Grade 11 English (ENG3U)

Grade 11 English (AP Language & Composition Option) (ENG3UA)

Grade 12 English I (ENG4U)

Grade 12 English (AP Literature and Composition Option) (ENG4UA)

Grade 12 The Writer’s Craft (EWC4U)

Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course (OLC4O)