Health & Physical Education

The health and physical education (HPE) program at TCS helps students appreciate the benefits of a healthy, active lifestyle. The courses emphasize the pursuit of lifelong fitness and positive habits associated with physical, mental, social and emotional health.

TCS offers credit courses in health and physical education throughout all grade levels. Every course is presented in a manner that benefits students outside of the classroom. Course evaluation emphasizes participation, fair play, willingness to improve skill execution and the ability to apply these skills in a variety of settings.

Students will have the opportunity, during the school year, to study the Outdoor Activities (PAD3O) course beyond the classroom. This course travels through the Port Hope and Northumberland regions by foot, bicycle and canoe. These adventures meet all the course expectations in a meaningful and practical way.

Health education is an integral part of the HPE courses, and approximately 20% of class time is designated for the health curriculum. A variety of health and social issues will be presented throughout the years. Students will also develop skills for problem solving, decision making and goal setting.

Below are the department's 2019-2020 course offerings:

Grade 9 Healthy Active Living Education (PPL1O)

Grade 10 Healthy Living and Large Group Activities (PAL2O with emphasis on hockey)

Grade 10 Healthy Active Living Education (PPL2O)

Grade 11 Healthy Active Living Education (PPL3O)

Grade 11 Healthy Living and Outdoor Activities (PAD3O)

Grade 12 Introductory Kinesiology (PSK4U)

Grade 12 Recreation and Healthy Active Living Leadership (PLF4M)