Languages & Culture

As an integral part of the liberal arts program at TCS, the department of languages and culture offers courses in classical civilization and four languages: French, Spanish, German and Latin.

Courses in classical and international languages focus on developing the language knowledge and communication skills students will need to function effectively in the international community, both as professionals and as private citizens.

Students will develop the ability to speak, listen, read and write with precision and confidence. Because language and culture are closely related, students will learn to understand and appreciate other cultures. This understanding will eventually enable students to communicate and interact effectively with people of other languages and cultures. The study of ancient and modern civilizations and languages enhances reasoning skills and the ability to solve problems. In addition, these courses equip students with skills that are essential for effective learning in other areas of the curriculum, as well as for employment and success in the global marketplace.

The department of languages and culture believes that language learning must be practical and of lasting value to our students. The languages program at TCS offers students a valuable education and the opportunity to develop a basic usable command of a second or third language that can be expanded through further study or contact with native speakers. The department uses visual aids, including the Internet, and all programmes are enhanced by means of the most recent computer language software.

Every two years, the department of languages and culture organizes reciprocal Grade 10 exchanges with a school in France. Foreign students and their chaperones are hosted as guests at our school in the fall, and during the March Break our students and supervising faculty travel abroad for just over two weeks. Participating TCS students typically are required to host a guest student in their home (for day students) or in their dorm room (for residential students). This program will be offered in the 2019-2020 school year.

Below are the department's 2019-2020 course offerings:

Grade 9 Core French (FSF1D)

Grade 9 Core French (Enriched Option) (FSF1DE)

Grade 10 Core French (FSF2D)

Grade 10 Core French (Enriched Option) (FSF2DE)

Grade 11 Core French (FSF3U)

Grade 11 Core French (Enriched Option) (FSF3UE)

Grade 12 Core French (FSF4U)

Grade 12 Core French (AP French Language & Culture Option) (FSF4UA)

Spanish, Level 1 (LWSBD)

Spanish, Level 2 (LWSCU)

Spanish, Level 3 (LWSDU)

Latin, Level 1 (LVLBD)

Latin, Level 2 (LVLCU)

Latin, Level 3 (LVLDU)

Grade 12 Classical Civilization (LVV4U)

German, Level 1 (LWGBD)

German, Level 3 (LWGDU)