The study of the arts is one of the cornerstones of an excellent education and one that we strongly believe is central to leading a rich and fulfilling life. Creative and imaginative thought, focussed and self-motivated personal development, adventurous and refined performance, critical and thoughtful reflection; these are attributes taught and developed through the arts but are essentials in every field of endeavour. The roles within the arts are many, from performer to consumer, but it is our goal to graduate young men and women with creative and passionate involvement in, and understanding of, the cultural life of their communities as well as refined skills in one or more arts disciplines.

There is a Performing Arts Specialist program for students wishing to dedicate themselves to the study of one of the performing arts. This involves many facets of support for these students. Interested students should contact the head of the arts department for more information.

Music at Trinity College School is about creative energy and passion directed towards the study and performance of many styles of music. In addition to our comprehensive co-curricular music program, the School offers credit courses in music from Grade 9 to Grade 12, as well as an Advanced Placement option. Both instrumental and vocal music courses are offered. The School also provides interested students with the option of taking additional instrumental or vocal lessons through one of our private music instructors.

Below are the department's 2019-2020 course offerings:

Grade 9 Instrumental Music – Beginners (AMU1OB)

Grade 9 Instrumental Music – Advanced (AMU1OA)

Grade 10 Instrumental Music (AMU2O)

Grade 10 Guitar (AMG2O)

Grade 11 Guitar (AMG3M)

Grade 11 Instrumental Music (AMU3M)

Grade 12 Music (AMU4M)

Grade 12 Repertoire (AP Music Theory Option) (AMR4MA)