Visual Arts

The study of the arts is one of the cornerstones of an excellent education and one that we strongly believe is central to leading a rich and fulfilling life. Creative and imaginative thought, focussed and self-motivated personal development, adventurous and refined performance, critical and thoughtful reflection; these are attributes taught and developed through the arts but are essentials in every field of endeavour. The roles within the arts are many, from performer to consumer, but it is our goal to graduate young men and women with creative and passionate involvement in, and understanding of, the cultural life of their communities as well as refined skills in one or more arts disciplines.

Visual art is encouraged at Trinity College School in the belief that all students have a rewarding capacity for creative expression. In finding that capacity through various creative problem-solving exercises and projects, students develop critical sensitivity toward their work and a greater visual awareness of the world at large. The study of major developments in the history of art is an integral part of art at the School.

Since 2011, the visual arts department has enjoyed a new and much expanded home within the Senior School. The world of electric tools, sculpture construction, printmaking, painting, mixed media and drawing now takes place in purpose built spaces, providing greater flexibility in terms of what all art classes can achieve, and with even more exhibition space.

A policy of exhibiting the work of TCS art students is extensive, changing exhibitions throughout the year. This gives the individuals involved a sense of pride in achievement and creates a growing interest within the School and for its visitors. When possible, art students visit major art galleries each year. Optional international art museum trips may be offered.

Below are the department's 2019-2020 course offerings:

Grade 9 Visual Arts (AVI1O)

Grade 10 Visual Arts (AVI2O)

Grade 11 Media Arts (ASM3M)

Grade 11 Visual Arts (AVI3M)

Grade 12 Visual Arts (AVI4M)

Grade 12 Visual Arts – Drawing & Painting (AP Studio Art Option) (AWM4MA)