The Boarding Experience at TCS

COOL STUFF to do on the weekends

Have fun on the weekends!

These are just a few of the organized activities that TCS boarders can enjoy on the weekends.

Term 1
  • Welcome back dance @ TCS
  • Movie bus to Bowmanville
  • Ultimate Frisbee @ TCS
  • Charity run in Oshawa
    (“Run for the Cure”)
  • Volleyball pickup @ TCS
  • Shopping bus to Yorkdale mall, Toronto
  • CN Tower visit, Toronto
  • Badminton @ TCS
Term 2
  • Prefect Night
  • Basketball pickup @ TCS
  • Toronto Blue Jays baseball game
  • Movie bus to Bowmanville
  • Theatrical production in Toronto
  • Sushi & Movie Bus to Peterborough
  • Trip to Niagara Falls
  • Shopping bus to Vaughan Mills mall