It's all right HERE! All the comforts of home! The Boarding Exerience at TCS

Our students will tell you, TCS is a complete COMMUNITY with everything you need to keep you connected and happy...


School Store: Forgot something at home? The School store has anything you could possibly need from house t-shirts to paper clips and deodorant (phew!) to fun novelty gifts.

Laundry/Ironing Services: Worried about that big pile of dirty clothes? No need to fret, we’ve got you covered! Our amazing housekeeping staff will tend to all your laundry needs.

Mailroom: Miss your family? The mailroom makes it super easy to receive care packages from loved ones.

Health Centre: Tummy troubles? Don’t hesitate to visit our on-campus health centre. Our nurses are always on duty and are sure to give you the comfort you need.

The Bear Boutique: Thinking of your cookie jar or snack cupboard back at home? Need a boost of energy while studying? The Bear Boutique has a great selection of snacks that will keep you going through the day.


Athletic Facilities & Therapy: Our active community enjoys getting healthy by taking advantage of the TCS athletic facilities. And then we rely on the TCS athletic therapists to relieve our aching muscles!

Space to socialize: The Cirne Commons is your space to hang, chat and chill during the day, or you might choose to catch some rays outside on our beautiful green terraces. Our boarding house common rooms are great for gathering with housemates to catch up at the end of the day.

Peace, Quiet & Reflection: There is always a place to curl up to read a good book, focus on homework or day dream whether it is sitting under a tree or relaxing on a couch in the library. Also, an important part of the TCS experience is attending chapel; open to students of all faiths and denominations, our chaplain welcomes students daily, offering lessons and encouraging shared song and students make announcements, proudly reporting sports wins, perform hilarious skits and remind of upcoming charity bake sales. Our students say attending chapel is an uplifting way to start their day!