Grab your suitcase and START PACKING

We will provide you with a bed with mattress cover, desk, wardrobe and desk chair. But it would be a good idea to bring this stuff:

  • A mug
  • An inexpensive knife, fork, spoon and plate for snacks in residence
  • A desk lamp for evening study
  • A power bar or extension cord
  • An alarm clock
  • A set of headphones for stereo/computer
  • A reading lamp for bunk bed
  • A lock for desk drawer and computer
  • A small rug and computer chair
  • Bedding: Two sets of sheets, pillows and a duvet/comforter with cover
  • Towels and toiletries
  • Clothes hangers
  • A large mesh laundry bag

Wondering what you're allowed to have in
your room? We say “yes” to all of these:

  • A reasonably sized stereo (tip: headphones are a good thing!)
  • TCS approved laptop
  • A small (half height) refrigerator