Standing Committee Members 2019-2020

Governance Committee

  • Determines the desired governing body profile and ensures that the governing body’s composition reflects the constituency it serves.
  • Identifies and recruits new governors.
  • Nominates annually such persons, as it deems qualified, for consideration as members of the governing body and submits such nominations to the board for election at the annual general meeting, and recommends trustee appointments.
  • Indoctrinates new governors and assigns them to committees.

Mike Bellamy ’93
Ted Boyd ’82, governor
Colin Brown ’75 P’06 ’06, chair, body of trustees
Michael Burns P’15 ’18
Bonnie Davis P’13 ’18
Nikki Hawke ’93, governor
Bill Jack ’83
Doug Scott ’81, governor
Andrew Tirelli ’04
Jennifer Titterton ’93 P’17 ’20, governor, committee chair

Finance Committee

  • Reviews and monitors the annual budget submissions and requirements, including staff compensation levels and the adequacy and funding levels of pension plans, as prepared by school management. 
  • Monitors and reviews the adequacy of insurance coverage. 
  • Recommends the annual operating budget and fee levels to the board for approval.
  • Reviews and monitors the three-year operating budget for implications on the long-range planning process.
  • Reviews and approves annual audited financial statements, receives the auditor’s report on the audited results, and recommends approval to the board.
  • Coordinates with the infrastructure committee for input on capital spending requirements, with the advancement committee for input on annual giving revenue forecasts, and the TCS Foundation’s investment committee for input on draws of the foundation’s endowment capital, annual giving donations and special capital receipts.

Christopher Brown ’63 P’89, trustee
Michael Detlefsen ’81 P’14
Mike Lada ’97, governor
Katherine MacArthur ’02, governor
Elspeth Murray P’08 ’10, governor
John O’Connell ’82
Beth Wilson P’15 ’19, committee chair, governor

Infrastructure Committee

  • Monitors the physical state of buildings and property, the progress of the annual major maintenance program and the adequacy of insurance coverage. 
  • Monitors the progress of construction and renovation programs as required. 
  • Recommends to the board property acquisitions and dispositions, siting and design as required, and the annual major maintenance program. 

Judith Barker P’99 ’03, trustee
Anita Blackwood P’90, trustee
Gordon Boughner ’83 P’16, trustee
Kelly Chesney P’18 ’20, governor, committee chair
Noble Gibson ’93, governor
Tory McKillop ’99, governor
Maria Phipps P’98 ’03, trustee
Robert Price ’94
Gaddah Yassein P’18 ’20, governor

Philanthropy & Alumni Committee

  • Directs annual giving, planned giving and bequest programs and leadership giving.
  • Monitors levels of annual giving, capital donations and bequests.
  • With the finance committee, recommends endowment goals and monitors achievement.
  • Recommends, directs and monitors the conduct of capital campaigns as required.
  • Has responsibility for oversight of the TCS Parents Association and the TCS Alumni Association.

Sally Frackowiak P’02 ’05 ’07, trustee
Michael Gibson P’19 ’21
Edan Howell ’94, committee chair, governor
Tim Hyland ’82, governor
Jon Kennedy ’82, trustee
Tim Kennish ’58, honorary trustee
David McCart ’67 P’97, trustee
Robert Mehler ’94
Julia Osmar ’06, governor
Maria Phipps P’98 ’03, trustee, chair of TCS Foundation
Douglas Scott ’09
Derek Smith ’72, trustee
Tova White P’24 ’27
Robert Wilson Rogers ’71, trustee