Our Goals

The goals of our strategic plan will guide our teaching and learning, the care we provide, and the community we wish to grow and sustain.

Goal 1

We will offer an education that is rooted in shared values.

Our shared values are at the core of our community and the reason why we are a community. To ensure all members of the TCS family understand and embrace our shared values, we will:

  • Aim to instill key habits of heart and mind in our students
  • Foster the necessary skill set for the 21st century learner so we may best prepare our students for their future
  • Allow respected academic leaders to inspire and guide our programme


Goal 3

Our approach to education will be characterized as personal.

TCS distinguishes itself from other learning communities by taking a more personal approach to education by working harder and caring more in support of our people, our programme and our place.

  • We will take a personal approach in educating and engaging all community members.
  • All aspects of the School’s programme will reflect a personal approach to education.
  • We will ensure our “place” is able to support a personal approach to education.


Goal 3

We commit to building a sustainable future for the School.

In addition to building new facilities and renovating older facilities – a commitment of the 150th Anniversary Campaign – we will also prioritize:

  • Supporting a healthy enrolment
  • Increasing the endowment
  • Creating additional revenue streams
  • Committing to an environmental sustainability plan