Goal 1

Goal 1

We will offer an education that is rooted in shared values.


Our shared values are at the core of our community and the reason why we are a community. To ensure all members of the TCS family understand and embrace our shared values, we will:

Aim to instill key habits of heart and mind in our students

With the creation of a new mission statement in 2007, the school community dedicated itself to developing habits of the heart and mind for a life of purpose and service. The School will increase its commitment to this mission by further identifying key habits which will help our students become contributing, bright and ethical citizens.

The following habits will be woven into our programmes, our conversations and our actions: perseverance, courage, creativity, compassion and integrity.

Foster the necessary skill set for the 21st century learner so we may best prepare our students for their future

Preparing young people for a life of success means exposing them to the tools, processes and skills that allow them to graduate with a solid foundation and confidence that comes from preparedness. Our students will graduate with well-developed written and verbal communication skills; organizational and technological skills; and self-advocacy and teamwork skills.

While we cannot completely predict the future of society, education, the economy or the workforce, we do know that fostering curiosity, encouraging a thirst for knowledge and teaching our students to be receptive to change, will serve them well in an unforeseeable future. While at TCS we will support our students to become thoughtful and innovative, globally-minded and environmentally-responsible individuals.

Allow respected academic leaders to inspire and guide our programme

A healthy learning community yearns to grow, evolve and amplify its thinking, programme and vision. TCS has long been focused on remaining progressive in our teaching and learning. From being one of the first independent schools in Canada to introduce a laptop programme to our planned expansion of the academic support centre, the School continually demonstrates a commitment to challenging current assumptions with a focus on achieving the exceptional. Respected global leaders in education such as Thomas Sergiovanni and Howard Gardner, and progressive thinkers like Art Costa and Adam Cox, will continue to inspire our conversations around curriculum, our professional development and our programme offerings – including the prioritization of service learning – yielding immeasurable benefits for faculty and students.