Goal 2

Goal 2

Our approach to education will be characterized as personal.


TCS distinguishes itself from other learning communities by taking a more personal approach to education by working harder and caring more in support of our people, our programme and our place.

Strength of PeopleWe will take a personal approach in educating and engaging all community members.

Within the TCS learning community we emphasize the importance of healthy conversations and positive relationships. Students must know that the adults around them sincerely care about their well-being and success and will work hard to support and guide their efforts. Preparing students by guiding their use of tools such as personal portfolios will help them explore options, set goals and learn more about themselves, under the wing of advisors, coaches, teachers and staff who all play critical roles in making the TCS experience personal for the young people in our care.

Providing a more personal approach for our faculty and staff, we will offer targeted professional development focused, for instance, on children’s executive functioning and differentiating learning needs to support the goal of delivering a personal approach to our students. As those who deliver and directly support our programme and the delivery of key services, our staff will be further involved in the implementation of our key goals.

To offer a personal approach to parents, we will encourage engagement through enhanced parent events and increased opportunities to learn about adolescent behaviour, health and development.

For alumni, past parents and friends, we commit to fostering an ongoing connection to the TCS community by supporting and developing events – particularly as the School celebrates its upcoming 150th anniversary – and initiatives, such as the BearTracks Mentorship Programme and the TCS ambassador programme, which will demonstrate our long-term commitment to building lifelong relationships with community members.


Strength of ProgrammeAll aspects of the School’s programme will reflect a personal approach to education.

We believe that exceptional learning and personal development happens when a wide variety of choices are made available within a framework of non-negotiable commitments.

To support our students in making choices that are best for them, we must really understand each of our students and then offer a continuity of care.


We understand why broad academic offerings may not be enough. Flexibility within a mandated programme allows our students to get the most out of their educational experience and helps them realize their true potential. We will reassess our academic vision to allow for a personal approach to education where students can sculpt their experience by selecting areas of focus that speak to their learning preferences, interests, passions and talents.


In order for all students to truly benefit from our diverse and energetic community, all students must be equal players. Therefore, we will enhance our already broad offerings in the arts, sports and service learning, such as by the recent introduction of the Bear Fit and Bear Tracks athletic programmes and by expanding student leadership opportunities, allowing for a wider selection to fit individual strengths and preferences. However, one common element will remain within a sea of personal choice: complete community participation. Through this approach, the incredible value of the shared experience will be realized.


We proudly reaffirm our commitment to our longheld tradition of boarding and recognize the benefits for both day and boarding students in a residential community highly focused on the culture of care. Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, wellness and nutrition, personal development, leadership opportunities, impromptu life lessons and positive relationships are priorities in our community.

So while some other schools move away from boarding, we will demonstrate the strength of our commitment by enhancing and formalizing our residential programme to ensure all students reap the benefits.


Strength of PlaceWe will ensure our “place” is able to support a personal approach to education.

Our place, our campus, is an easily recognizable benefit of the TCS experience. We must work to ensure our physical infrastructure and facilities are accessible, well equipped, in good repair and in keeping with our heritage so they can effectively support our people and our programme.

In addition to upgrading our arts and athletics facilities as part of the 150th Anniversary Campaign, we will enhance our learning and academic support spaces. The construction of a new Learning Commons will include a renovated library and an improved academic support centre offering flexible space and tools. As well, a new commons area will become the heart of the School, a space for all kinds of academic, student life and community uses.

We will foster an appreciation of our campus through education, with increased opportunities to explore our shared history, informational signage and the preservation of historical spaces like our green terraces. Keeping our place well maintained and updated will directly support our 21st century learners and the programme we offer.