Parents’ Association & Advisory Council

Parents’ Association

Dear Parents: On behalf of the TCS Parents’ Association, I want to welcome you to the TCS community. In partnership with the School, the role of the TCS Parents’ Association is to support the School’s mission and vision by creating opportunities for parents to connect, support and strengthen our community. We encourage parental involvement in a caring and inclusive culture.

Below is a list of some of the events planned for the 2016-2017 school year. You can find additional dates for the Parents’ Advisory Council at the bottom of this page, and the TCS Parents’ Guild has several meetings and social events throughout the year (click here to view). We hope you will be able to join us either as a participant, volunteer or donor at one or more of these events.

  • September 6th: Lunchtime meet & greet in Osler Hall (new day families)
  • September 7th: Lunchtime meet & greet in Osler Hall (new boarding families)
  • September 8th: Luncheon at Marca on the Wharf (small fee)
  • October 28th-29th: Parents Open House
  • October 29th: Game On Celebration (in support of the athletic centre)
  • February 24th-25th: Parents Open House

We take pride in our contributions, value the relationships formed and find joy in working together. To learn more about the TCS Parents’ Association, please see below.

All the best!

Jennifer Agnew-Pople
Manager, Parent Programs and Parents Fund  

Learn more about the Parents’ Association: Under the umbrella of the philanthropy & alumni office, the TCS Parents’ Association contributes their efforts to support the mission and vision of Trinity College School. The asociation works jointly with the School to enhance TCS’s reputation as one of Canada’s premier independent schools by building and fostering the strong ties that bind the many facets of the TCS community together. Ultimately, the association works to ensure that parents have the opportunity to enhance and support the School through volunteerism and philanthropy.

Purpose: The Trinity College School (TCS) Parents’ Association exists to support the School's mission and vision and to assist in providing parents the means to contribute to the School and to the education of their children.

Objectives: Working closely with the School’s philatnthropy & alumni office, the TCS Parents’ Association provides advice and assistance in:

  • Facilitating communication between parents and the School’s Governing Body, through the election of a president to serve as an ex officio, voting member of the Governing Body and through the dissemination of information and advice to and from parents.
  • Providing advice and counsel to the Head of School through the elecion of a parent to serve as chair of the TCS Parents’ Advisory Council and the appointment of volunteers to serve as members of that council.
  • Supporting the School’s fundraising efforts through the election of a chair of parent giving and the recruitment of volunteers to solicit the participation of parents in the School’s annual fund campaign and other initiatives.
  • Providing opportunities for parents to volunteer and assist the School.


Parents’ Advisory Council

The Parents’ Advisory Council is a means for parents to gather in an informal setting, to meet one another and to ask questions, receive information and provide feedback to the School’s senior leadership team on a host of issues affecting daily life at the School. All parents are encouraged to attend council meetings, which are held three times per year (usually during Parent-Teacher Meeting weekend).

To find out more about the advisory council, contact Deirdre McIntosh ( or 905-885-3217 ext. 1202).

Dates for 2016-2017 Parents’ Advisory Council Meetings:

  • Friday, October 28, 2016
  • Friday, February 24, 2017
  • May 2017 (date to be announced)