Our Strategic Plan

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This Web site was created to provide Trinity College School’s family and friends with an outline of our collective plan for the School’s future. This strategic plan was formally launched to the School community in September 2007.

Under the leadership of Tim Kennish ’58, the Trinity College School Governing Body, in partnership with Headmaster Stuart Grainger and the senior leadership group of the School, initiated a strategic planning process in January 2006. The ultimate goal was the creation of a formal plan that would outline a clear direction for the School’s future. Click here to learn more about this planning initiative.

The result of this community planning initiative is a comprehensive document titled Strength of Purpose: The Strategic Plan for Trinity College School 2007-2012 that identifies key areas of focus and strategic goals; outlines a detailed implementation plan that will direct the School’s actions over the next five years; and offers refreshed mission and vision statements for TCS.

Strength of Purpose

This strategic planning initiative gave the School community the opportunity to engage in a collective process of confirming who we are, what we do and why we do it. It has provided the School with not only a refreshed mission statement, but with a shared purpose – a strength of purpose.

Strength of purpose also relates directly to the development of the young people in our care. As responsible educators focussed on developing students of character, we challenge our students to establish worthy goals and to act to good purpose.

Similarly, as a community, we must demonstrate strength of purpose if we are to fulfil our mission, continue to educate our students well and truly flourish for another 142 years.


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If you have any questions or would like to request a copy of the Strategic Plan booklet, please contact the TCS communications department.


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