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Headmasters of TCS

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Revd. Charles H. Badgley Revd. Charles H. Badgley (1865-1870)
Revd. Charles J.S. Bethune Revd. Charles J.S. Bethune (1870-1891; 1893-1899)
Revd. Arthur Lloyd Revd. Arthur Lloyd (1891-1893)
Revd. R.E. Jones Revd. R.E. Jones (1899-1901)
Revd. Herbert Symonds Revd. Herbert Symonds (1901-1903)
Revd. Oswald Rigby Revd. Oswald Rigby (1903-1913)
Revd. Graham Orchard Revd. Graham Orchard (1913-1933)
Dr. Philip A.C. Ketchum Dr. Philip A.C. Ketchum (1933-1962)
Angus C. Scott Angus C. Scott (1962-1983)
Rodger C.N. Wright Rodger C.N. Wright (1983-2004)
Stuart K.C. Grainger Stuart K.C. Grainger (2004-present)

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