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Community News 23 TCS students named AP Scholars

23 TCS students named AP Scholars

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Wednesday, 07 September 2011

In May 2011, Trinity College School students in Grades 10, 11 and 12 wrote 197 Advanced Placement (AP) examinations moderated by the College Board in Princeton, New Jersey.

Over the past few years the AP programme has grown substantially throughout the world such that the 2010-2011 exams were written by students in over 110 countries. For each exam, students earned grades on a scale from 1 to 5, with a grade of 5 indicating that the student was “extremely well qualified” in that subject. In addition, students earning a grade of 4 or better in a subject can earn advanced standing and/or credit in university.

TCS students continue to maintain an exemplary level of achievement on their exams. Last May, 27.5% of our students earned the top grade of 5, and over 78% of our examination candidates earned a grade of 3 (“qualified”) or better. As well, 57% of our graduating class earned at least one grade of 3 or better on an AP examination during their academic careers at TCS.

This year, 23 students, representing 17% of our graduation class, earned the distinction of AP Scholar. This designation is awarded to students earning a minimum grade of 3 on at least three different AP exams. This is the second highest number of AP Scholars in the School’s history. A complete list of our AP Scholars is shown below, and their names will appear on the AP recognition board in the main hallway on the ground floor of the School’s Fessenden Wing.

  • Meredith Bibbings
  • Talya Boisjoli
  • Olivia Bonham-Carter
  • Sang Yoon Cho** Canadian National Scholar
  • Meryl Fang
  • Maxine Fish*
  • Mitch Guichon
  • Heather Harris
  • Anika Heinmaa**
  • Alexandra Hodgson*
  • Hannah Hubicki
  • Conner Janeteas
  • Min Hee Ji**
  • Ian Keiper
  • Bianca Lai
  • Andy Poon** Canadian National Scholar
  • Joe Roberts
  • Bryce Robson*
  • Madeleine Shaw-Rimmington*
  • Yu Jin Song
  • Raymond Wong**
  • Kevin Yin*
  • Karen Yu

*AP Scholar with Honour
**AP Scholar with Distinction

This year, Sang Yoon Cho and Andy Poon also earned the distinction of Canadian National Scholar. This is truly a high level of achievement, as normally fewer than 100 students across the province of Ontario earn this honour. To qualify a student must earn grades of 4 or better on five different examinations.

Students earning a grade of 3 or better on five AP exams, with an overall average of 3.5, are recognized as AP Scholars with Distinction. Sang Yoon Cho, Anika Heinmaa, Min Hee Ji, Andy Poon and Raymond Wong earned this high level of achievement. Also, Maxine Fish, Alexandra Hodgson, Bryce Robson, Madeleine Shaw-Rimmington and Kevin Yin earned recognition as AP Scholar with Honour having achieved grades of 3 or better on four examinations.

Congratulations are extended to all of our AP students for their commitment to preparing for these comprehensive and challenging examinations. The breadth and difficulty of these courses extends well beyond the requirements of the Ontario high school curriculum.

Our AP teachers are also applauded for their dedication and hard work in preparing students for these university level exams. With three retirements amongst the AP faculty last June, three new faces will join the AP team. Danielle Tanganco will teach the AP Spanish Language course, Renée Hillier the AP World History class, and John Anderson will take over the AP Physics B course. This year, the AP programme at TCS will continue to offer 20 different courses and exams, with a current projection of over 200 exams being written in May 2012.


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