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We are excited that you have decided to take a closer look at Trinity College School. Please continue reading for more information on the application process.

Admission Requirements

We are looking for students who would be an all-around fit for the TCS community. The admissions committee weighs the applicant’s school reports, interview performance, recommendations, and desire to attend TCS. There are eight essential pieces of information that must be received by the School and steps that must be taken before a candidate's file will be considered for admission:

  1. Parent Questionnaire
  2. Teacher Recommendation
  3. Student Questionnaire
  4. School reports from two consecutive academic years 
  5. Application Fee $150 CDN
  6. Photo of passport
  7. Entrance test (see details below)
  8. Personal Interview 

*Please note, our regular intake years in the Senior School are Grades 9-11. We do not accept Grade 12 (one year only) applications, please contact the admissions office at for more information.

For 2025 and beyond, please complete our inquiry form.

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About Our Entrance Tests

Junior School (Grade 5-8)

Students applying to the Junior School will be asked to complete a reading comprehension activity, math questions and a writing sample. These will be completed on campus.

Senior School (Grade 9-12)

Trinity College School’s admissions office uses standardized objective tests as one of its tools for evaluating the fit for potential students for our academic program. We will accept many types of tests for this application requirement, including but not limited to the SSAT, TOEFL, CAT, MAPS, and Duolingo.

Applicants can also book a virtual test date to complete the OLSAT with a member of the admissions team. The OLSAT test is multiple choice and 40 minutes in length. It assesses both verbal and basic mathematical skills and varies based on the grade and age of the applicant. In addition, we ask the student to complete a short writing sample.

Trinity College School endeavours to make reasonable accommodations for students with identified learning needs who may require additional time provided the appropriate documentation is submitted to the School.

Maple Leaf

TCS Offers a $58,000 Incentive for Canadian Boarding Students Entering Grade 9

If your child is entering Grade 9 and is Canadian, Trinity College School wants to invest in his or her future. The Canadian Families Boarding Incentive Program is your child’s opportunity to experience the full benefits of a boarding education at TCS at a 20% savings. For qualifying Canadian families, this equals a savings of $58,000 over four years!