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Letter from Julia (Bakker) Osmar ’06,
TCS Alumni Association president

Brett Hayhurst '94
Julia (Bakker) Osmar ’06

Community has always been what sets TCS apart. It is hard to articulate exactly what being a part of this special community feels like, but a walk through campus quickly reveals this tradition. And our community extends well beyond the campus grounds. It is alive and well throughout an alumni body that is spread around the world. From annual reunions and branch dinners to smaller events and informal get-togethers, TCS alumni stay connected to the School and each other throughout the year.

The BearTracks Mentorship Program is the latest extension of our strong alumni community. BearTracks, as a starting point, is a great way for alumni to connect for the purpose of providing or receiving career advice and guidance. Ultimately, however, the mentorship program is about so much more than that. The idea of mentorship is deeply rooted in TCS’s community. As alumni, it is our interest in the future classes of TCS graduates that helps to keep us involved and connected to the School. It is our passion to know what happens on campus today, how traditions live on, and how we can invest in new facilities to make sure those who follow us have the same great experience that we had as students. This commitment links alumni of all ages through mentorship – offering advice and guidance to see the next generation of TCS graduates succeed as we have. The TCS community has always been invested in sharing and giving back, and the BearTracks Mentorship Program is another way alumni of all ages can get involved.

Back on campus, the investment TCS alumni are making in the School’s future is ever prominent. Through the Game On campaign, we will continue to see the spirit of our community celebrated through athletics with a new 40,000 square foot facility to be completed in fall 2017. The Arnold Massey ’55 Athletic Centre is the final project in the $40 million 150th Anniversary Campaign that has already led to the building of the beautiful Cirne Hall and an unprecedented increase in the School’s endowment, specifically aimed at supporting scholarships and bursaries.

A walk through campus is always a reminder of the “good ol’ days” and an opportunity to reminisce. But a walk through campus these days also provides excitement for what is yet to come and a chance to see the value our community places on giving back for future generations of TCS students.

We look forward to seeing you at upcoming events and hearing from you. Stay in touch!

Julia (Bakker) Osmar ’06
President, TCS Alumni Association