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The David Blackwood Visiting Artist & Museum Program
The David Blackwood Visiting Artist & Museum Program Progress

Goal: $300,000 | Funds Raised: $141,791 | Updated: 06/11/2024

In the spring of 1962, fresh out of the Ontario College of Art (Drawing & Painting), David Blackwood was offered the position of Art Master at Trinity College School. The position required him to teach one day each week. That opportunity provided David with the foundation and financial security to pursue his work, his passion, and what would become a remarkable artistic career with many accolades, over the next six decades. He continued to teach at TCS for 25 years. In 1973, a major factor in our decision to purchase a home in Port Hope was the relationships that we had made within the TCS community and David’s continuing love of teaching. David passed away in July of 2022. I continue to reside in Port Hope and the relationship with TCS and those forged with many students over the decades continue to this day.

One of David’s core values was to ‘pay it forward’. He wanted to recognise TCS and the role the School played in his life, while also helping emerging artists, as he was helped. It was his wish to provide the financial foundation of a visiting artists and museums program. This will add another dimension to the existing visual arts programming at the School, which supported him at a critical stage of his life.

The David Blackwood Visiting Artist & Museum Program will provide funding to bring emerging and established artists to TCS so that students can benefit from their knowledge, experience and talent. This program will also fund visits to museums and galleries, where students can experience a wide breadth of artwork in person. I have worked with TCS Arts Program Director Sally McKay-LePage on this project, and with her passion and vision, I am excited to see how it will expand the arts offerings at TCS.

The goal is to endow this program at $300,000, allowing over $10,000 per year in funding for these initiatives; $100,000 has already been committed. Please consider supporting this program to honour the impact David had on hundreds of TCS alumni and artists around the world, while also enriching the artistic education of future TCS students.

In appreciation,
Anita Blackwood

Donors to date

Anonymous, Class of 1970
Anonymous, Class of 1980
Elas & Joy Abone
Maria Anderson
Hugh Balloch '73
Bill Barrow '83
Anita Blackwood
Philip Brown '66
Timothy Carsley '55

Edward Colby '62
Neil & Maureen Cubberley
Edward Day '53
Robert Haggarty '78
Rob Heighington '78
George Holmes '76
Mark Holton '65 
Graeme Jewett '77
Peter Kedwell
Helen Kucey
Richard LeSueur '73
Neil McCallum '73

David McCart '67
Stephen Morley '68
Donald Outerbridge '76
Bob Ramsay '68 & Dr. Jean Marmoreo
Peter Redpath '66
Brian Rusted '72
Charles Scott '71
Douglas Scott '81
David Simpson '73
John Vanstone '60
Steven Woodward & Marianne Woodward
Philip Wright '73


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