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Alumni Association

Under the umbrella of the philanthropy & alumni committee of the School's governing body, the TCS Alumni Association will contribute its efforts in support of the mission and vision of Trinity College School. The association will work jointly with the School to enhance its reputation as one of Canada's premier independent schools by building and fostering the strong ties that bind the many facets of the TCS community together. Ultimately, the association will ensure that alumni and past parents have the opportunity to enhance and support the School through volunteerism and philanthropy.


The TCS Alumni Association exists to support the School's mission and vision and to assist in providing alumni and parents of former students the means to retain a meaningful and lifelong relationship with the School. To this end, our definition of alumni has been expanded to include former parents as well as former students.


Working closely with the School's philanthropy & alumni office staff, the TCS Alumni Association, provides advice and assistance in:

  • Developing programs that engage alumni in the life of the School;
  • Providing opportunities for alumni to volunteer and assist the School;
  • Achieving the fundraising goals of the School;
  • Facilitating communication between alumni and the TCS Governing Body through the election of a president to serve as an ex officio member of the governing body, and through the dissemination of information and advice from and to alumni;
  • Enhancing the School's reputation by encouraging alumni to promote the School to prospective parents and students;
  • To communicate with all interested alumni to promote a continuing affiliation with the School.

Alumni Association Executive

James Gibson '00

Julia (Bakker) Osmar ’06
Past President

Mike Bellamy ’93
Chair, BearTracks Mentorship Programme

Chair, Alumni Giving

Chilion Benedict ’99
Co-Chair, Communications & Strategic Initiatives

Steph Hodsoll ’02
Co-Chair, Communications & Strategic Initiatives

Thomas Ridout '82
Chair, Alumni Activities

Adam Higa '12
Chair, Young Alumni

Cameron Brice-Elion ’13
Member at Large

Emily Foster ’06
Member at Large

Alex Hallink ’09
Member at Large

Ex officio Members

Stuart Grainger
Head of Trinity College School

Edan Howell ’94
Chair, Advancement Committee