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Aug 09

First Connect: Tech Tools for Learning
Monday, August 9th (9:00-...

Aug 10

First Connect: Academics at TCS
Tuesday, August 10th (9:00-10:00...

Aug 11

First Connect: Grade 9 Meet & Greet
Wednesday, August 11th (9...

Monday, June 14, 2021

The 2020-2021 school year was a year like no other, as the ongoing global pandemic saw students at Trinity College School learning to adapt to new health protocols, experiencing school life as members of small cohorts and shifting between in-person and online learning. In the face of these challenges, there was much to celebrate as the School hosted a virtual presentation of the Speech Day ceremony on Friday, June 11th.

This year’s event focused on our graduating students, and as he...

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Monday, June 14, 2021

In most years, the Junior School Closing Ceremony is an opportunity to look back on the past year, reflecting on the many highlights in the curricular and co-curricular life of Trinity College School’s Grade 5 to 8 students. And, certainly, there was much to reflect on during the virtual presentation of this year’s ceremony on Thursday, June 10th. But, there was also a sense of hope and optimism, that the resilience, determination and sense of community displayed by students and staff alike...

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Do you have a favourite song?

I have a new favourite. Actually, it’s an old one.

It resonated with me most recently because of the prospect of summer, the acceleration of vaccines for people of all ages, and the easing of pandemic restrictions here in Canada. A world on the mend; a school looking forward to better times.

It’s written by George Harrison of The Beatles: Here Comes the Sun. You, too, might want to listen to it again. Lyrics like “It’s been a long... Read more