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Advisor Program

All Senior School students have a faculty advisor with whom they meet on a regular basis, both individually and as an advisee group. The advisor's primary responsibilities are to:

  • To act as an advocate
  • To encourage academic success and co-curricular involvement
  • To guide in reflection and decision-making
  • To initiate and enable communication between advisee and advisor, and home and school

The advisor and the housemaster are the primary contacts for parents. Teachers and co-curricular leaders may contact advisors if they have difficulty with a student in or out of the classroom. Should advisors notice a significant or recurring problem, they will contact parents to keep them informed. It is also important that parents contact their child's advisor that may impact thei child's engagement at school.

Students are encouraged by their advisors to advocate for themselves and to take responsibility for their choices in academics and all other areas of TCS life.