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Guardianship and Study Permits


The Government of Canada requires all international boarding students whose primary residence is outside of Canada to have a legal guardian while studying in the country.

While TCS is a boarding school and therefore assumes responsibility in locus parentis for our students, there are times where having a guardian appointed is an advantage to families. At various times our families have benefited from guardians who have provided an additional resource in securing a host family, providing language translation, or when offering additional support for medical-related matters.

Families will often choose a guardian who is a family member or business associate. In addition to being prepared to take on this responsibility, appointed guardians should reside within a reasonable distance of the School; have a working knowledge of English; and be over the age of 21 years.

Families also have the option of securing guardianship services from a professional provider who may offer additional functions. Families are encouraged to research a variety of guardianship service providers, however past and current international TCS families frequently use the services of one of two specific organizations:

Study Permits

International students require a Canadian study permit (in most cases) to attend school in Canada. The application process to apply for and renew study permits is complex and, depending on the country of origin, may take many months to complete. View study permit processing times here.

Click here for information from Immigration Canada about the study permit requirements for international students in Canada.