Meet our Students

Pia, Class of 2018
"I really like studying at TCS because the teachers are really passionate about teaching…they make me care about learning."
Abby, Class of 2020 and Taylor, Class of 2019
"Something cool about sports at Trinity…there are sports teams that are really competitive, and there is also a less competitive program which is ‘Activity for Life’, where we focus more on fitness."
Andrew, Class of 2019
"[At TCS] everyone believes that leadership isn’t just a role, it’s not just a title, it is something that everyone should take up and try to participate in."
Jaya, Class of 2020
"There’s a lot of reasons why I get onto the bus every day and come to TCS, rather than just going to the local high school. There is not as many people [at TCS], so I get more teacher contact and support, which is really helpful. And also everyone here is so nice…it’s such a community!"
Andy, Class of 2017
"TCS encourages you to be involved, not just be a bystander…but to get involved, and show you care about the world."
Justin, Class of 2020
"In academic support, the team is incredible. We have lots of people helping us with our homework. Every teacher helps you and gives you advice."
Owen, Class of 2017
"I applied to five high schools in Canada but I finally chose TCS because they made me feel so welcome. Although I’m an art student, at TCS I still do sports. I’m on the badminton team and swim team…here, I can do it all!"
Scott, Class of 2020
"Boarding life is really awesome. You get to hang out with all your friends, you live with them, and you just spend time with everybody. It’s a really great experience when you are all together and you create your own little family."
Tani, Class of 2017
"I’m from Nigeria and I go to Trinity College School. Trinity is the most diverse school…it is a great opportunity to meet new people and try out new things."