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Wednesday April 19, 2017

Each spring at TCS, our campus is enhanced with blooming daffodils, scattered purple crocuses, gradually greening grass, furry buds on trees, and exchange students from Australia and South Africa. And, in a spirit of reciprocation and mutual benefit, approximately eight students from TCS travel to the Southern Hemisphere annually to grace our sister schools’ campuses (albeit they are not experiencing the spring season in their part of the world).

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Wednesday April 12, 2017

On Sunday, April 9, 2017, a special ceremony was held in Vimy, France, that commemorated the 3,598 Canadian soldiers who died during the Battle of Vimy Ridge. There are three Trinity College School alumni – Lt. Lionel Hyman Eliot ’04, Lt. Herbert Boyd Symonds ’03 and Pte. Walter Henry Cooper ’82 – buried near the monument.

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Wednesday April 05, 2017

One of the many benefits of my position as headmaster at TCS is that I get to travel across the province, the country and the world. The reasons for travelling and benefits of travelling are multi-fold, but there is no question the highlight is the opportunity to meet interesting people in different places. Sometimes, I even meet some of the most interesting people on the plane.

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Thursday March 30, 2017

Over the course of each academic year at TCS, I am provided with data on how many people read my weekly blog. My prediction for this week is that my blog readership will spike. I suspect that two things will account for more readers:

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Wednesday March 08, 2017

Apparently, America is in a funk.

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Wednesday March 01, 2017

While Mr. Allen recovers from knee surgery, I have the pleasure of teaching one of his Advanced Placement economics classes for the week. The opportunity has enabled me to pull out some of my economics textbooks and to read, with a little more purpose, The Globe and Mail's Report on Business.

I forgot how much fun it was to study and read, and to think of topics to discuss in this discipline. I also forgot how much the vocabulary, concepts and theories of economics have shaped my thinking. So I thought I would share my list of "Top 5 Things Economics Taught Me.”

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Wednesday February 22, 2017

Two weeks ago, at a restaurant in the Cayman Islands, TCS alumnus, Oscar Da Costa ’95, walked up to our table and introduced himself. I had never met Oscar previously, but he had noticed our TCS nametags. While we were relaxing at the end of hosting an alumni event, Oscar, by pure coincidence, was at an adjacent table with his wife and friends. He had only recently moved back to Cayman from Trinidad.

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Wednesday February 15, 2017

Over the years, we have had many conversations with students, parents, staff and alumni about what they view as “the best thing about TCS.”

Depending upon the constituency, we hear a range of different responses.

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Wednesday February 08, 2017

I think my experience as a teenager was similar to many people going through adolescence. “Back in the day” most of us just wanted to fit in. We wanted to either be a part of the large collective status quo (e.g. keeping a low profile or being an athlete), or perhaps be a part of a smaller subculture of the prevailing norm (e.g. differentiating themselves by wearing different clothing, listening to different music). One thing I do remember clearly was feeling that you were “vulnerable” if you did well academically.

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Wednesday February 01, 2017

With all the concerning media reports that are circulating around us seemingly every day, you would imagine this would take a toll on young people.

It would be understandable if kids felt powerless, pessimistic about the future, angry that adults have messed up the world they will soon inherit. Despite this, as I wrote on my blog recently, I find the Trinity College School community refreshingly kind, caring, positive, active and, yes, optimistic.

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