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Thursday, February 02, 2023

If you have been watching the American news over the past couple of months, you may have witnessed the election of the U.S. Representative for New York’s 3rd Congressional District. It seems shocking that he was elected in spite of lying about his education, work experience and heritage – and even his legal name. As if it couldn’t get worse, he even fabricated the story of his mother’s cause of death. You would think this would all be more than enough to either pressure him to resign or to be disqualified from serving in public office. But, to date, that has not happened.

Meanwhile back at Trinity College School…

Here is what our Life at Trinity: A Handbook for Senior School Families states with respect to academic dishonesty: “Cheating, plagiarism…incur consequences ranging from red gating to expulsion.”

Shouldn’t there be a Life in the Senate: A Handbook for Anyone Running for Public Office document?

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Thursday, January 26, 2023

Thankfully, “Blue Monday,” known as the “saddest day of the year,” is in our rearview mirror. In case you were unaware, this year, for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, Blue Monday arrived on Monday, January 16th.

Blue Monday has no scientific credibility. In other words, there is no mathematical calculation involving, for example, weather conditions, number of hours of daylight, motivational levels, and failure of New Year’s resolutions, to generate an unhappiness scale relating to days on the Gregorian calendar. Actually, some say that Blue Monday supposedly gets its origins from an advertising stunt, intended to encourage winter travel, rather than an official research study.

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Thursday, January 19, 2023

Twice a year the School publishes its alumni magazine, The TCS News. All members of the TCS community would have received their most recent copy with the cover story “The Secret Ingredient.” This publication is yet another source of immense pride for me and many others associated with the School.

Within each issue of The TCS News there are sections entitled Class Notes and Milestones. These sections provide updates on our alumni, as submitted by alumni. The fall 2022 issue included a broad representation, with alumni from more than 50 different class years submitting updates to their alma mater on their current state, educational pursuits, family developments and career accomplishments. Alumni news spanned from the class of 1947 to the class of 2022 with insights ranging from reminiscent to joyous as witnessed through the inclusion of 14 birth notices, 30 marriage announcements and, sadly, news of the passing of 35 members of our extended community.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2023

This week, Mr. Kristopher Churchill considers the role of literary “classics” in the modern English classroom. At TCS since 2009, Mr. Churchill is the head of Senior School - academics & student life.

Written by guest blogger, Kristopher Churchill

The thoughtfulness of our colleagues in the English department is impressive as they regularly weigh and select novels, short stories, plays and poetry for the English classroom and the edification of our students.

As an engaged supporter and observer of their collective efforts, I ask if there is still room in the canon for the works many my age read in high school, including Lord of the Flies, Little Women, The Odyssey and Of Mice and Men.

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Wednesday, January 04, 2023

It is customary for my first blog of the calendar year to focus upon themes of resolutions and goal setting.

While many students feel they do not have much “power” or ability to alter their life’s purpose and destiny, most parents and adults have a very different perspective on this. With decades ahead, we know that young people will actively direct their own path by pausing to consider macro issues in their life – such as their own value system and long-term priorities – as well as micro decisions along the way, which might include selecting their friend groups and co-curricular activities.

Anytime is a good time for kids to talk about and write down their short-term and long-term plans. It’s just that, in this month, there are many more of us penning our plans as soon as the calendar turns to January.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2022

For a student, parent or educator, the 2022 calendar year started inauspiciously. A January 3, 2022, news headline seemed to capture it all: “Ontario closes schools until January 17. Bans indoor dining and cuts capacity limits.”

Ugh. Double ugh. Triple ugh.

For the third consecutive academic year, kids in our province were going to be faced with another interrupted school year. Back to online learning we all went.

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Wednesday, December 07, 2022

This week, Mr. Brent Hurley considers the value of a liberal arts education, particularly following an unprecedented time in history. At TCS since 2015, Mr. Hurley is an English teacher and the assistant head of Senior School - student life.

Written by guest blogger, Brent Hurley

“There are these two young fish swimming along and they happen to meet an older fish swimming the other way, who nods at them and says ‘Morning, boys. How’s the water?’ And the two young fish swim on for a bit, and then eventually one of them looks over at the other and goes ‘What the hell is water?’”

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Wednesday, November 30, 2022

In 1992, the Canadian rock band Barenaked Ladies released a song entitled, If I Had $1,000,000. In the song lyrics, the writers state that, should they have this great sum, they would “buy you a house” as well as furniture and a car. The song gets increasingly silly by the verse, with them buying “a tree fort,” “pre-wrapped sausages” and “Dijon ketchups.”

The song was fun and a big hit; reaching number 13 on music charts in Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States.

For me, the answer to what you would do if you won a lottery valued at $1,000,000 is a popular conversation topic. And, I have found that what people say they would spend the money on follows a rather consistent pattern, regardless of age and stage. (Except perhaps if you are under the age of 10, keen on splurging on a million dollars worth of cookies or the like!)

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Thursday, November 24, 2022

This week, Ms. Cristy Drake shares some insight into the value of students being involved in three terms of sports in the school year. Ms. Drake has been at TCS since 2020 and is the School’s director of athletics.

Written by guest blogger, Cristy Drake

Wayne Gretzky did it.
Clara Hughes did it.
Michael Jordan did it.
I did it.

What exactly is “it”? “It” is playing multiple sports growing up.

At Trinity College School, this is one of our defining program features: three terms of sport! We embrace it. We celebrate it. We are thrilled to offer it!

Here’s why:

Do you remember what you wanted to be when you were 13 or 14 years old? I do. I wanted to be a marine biologist. I had just watched the Disney classic Free Willy and, in my heart, I knew it was my calling to study whales. As it turns out, one trip to SeaWorld and I changed my mind.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2022

When I was a little kid, under the age of 10 years old, in the summer months, my parents would fly me and my sister to their hometowns of Birmingham and Wolverhampton, England, to visit relatives. My favourite place to go was the home of my grandmother (“Nan”) and grandfather (“Gramps”) on my father’s side of the family.

The primary reason: in her very small war-time refrigerator, my Nan always had a steady supply of mini chocolate bars which she kept in the “vegetable drawer.” Specifically, mini Mars bars (you know, the 19.7 gram “fun size” bars). They were tiny. Delicious. And, plentiful. A vegetable drawer filled to the brim with bars – at least 25 of them!

I can still remember running up their walkway, giving them a bird-bath-shallow hug, then blasting past them into their kitchen to pull open the fridge door and see “the chamber of gold.” Limitless chocolate decadence. This six-year old’s dream. In my mind, Mars was truly another planet!

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