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By the numbers

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Last week, my blog delved into the significance of Parent-Teacher Meetings, emphasizing their value at TCS in fostering collaboration between parents and educators. This week, I’m keen to share some interesting statistics, shared by the amazing folks in our academic office, regarding the recent two-day Parent-Teaching Meetings in our Senior School.

Before getting into the numbers, I want to express my appreciation for our dedicated teachers. As you are aware, at TCS our faculty members wear multiple hats, serving not only as educators but also as coaches, mentors, advisors and much more. While balancing their varied and ongoing responsibilities, our teachers approach Parent-Teacher Meetings with exceptional dedication, demonstrating an impressive level of knowledge about each student.

You might find it interesting to know…

  • Parent-Teacher Meetings were held on February 14th and 15th, spanning at total of 14.5 hours.
  • A total of 362 parents booked meetings.
  • Discussions centered around 407 Senior School students.
  • Our busiest teacher hosted an incredible 61 meetings across the two days – and there were many other teachers following closely behind!
  • In total, there were 2,368 appointments scheduled.

Reflecting on my own experiences as a child, I recall a time when Parent-Teacher Meetings may have evoked feelings of apprehension or uncertainty (or fear!); perhaps for you as well. However, I'm pleased to observe that at TCS, these meetings are valued as informative, interesting and, most importantly, conducive to building stronger connections between parents and teachers.

I trust that you too found the recent meetings beneficial in gaining insights into your child’s academic journey and also in forming closer ties with their teachers. Your active participation in these discussions plays a vital role in supporting your child’s growth and success.

As always, I’m grateful for your ongoing partnership in the education and development of our students – your children – at Trinity College School.