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Window Refurbishment Project

TCS places a strong emphasis on nurturing and empowering students to become future leaders who are responsible and environmentally conscious. This commitment includes setting an example through exemplary practices in environmental education, extracurricular activities, infrastructure, green spaces, and fostering a school culture that prioritizes sustainability. Within the TCS community, the fundamental principle is centered on sustainability and striving to make a positive impact on the environment.

In recent years, thanks to the generosity of the TCS community, we have taken leaps and bounds towards our environmental goals:

  • We were able to finish off the solar array on the Arnold Massey ’55 Athletic Centre in 2022. This has already yielded results, supplying 12% of our campus electricity consumption;
  • TCS students and staff have planted over 3,000 native trees on campus since 2012;
  • Our living wall in the Visual Arts Wing was recently refurbished, including a rainwater harvester for watering the plants, and a storage system to provide other grey water usage;
  • The TCS Kitchen uses local farms for between 45% - 55% of the food consumed in Osler Hall, including nearly 100% of the meat, cheese and honey. We also support a local farm by providing food scraps for their animals;
  • We have decreased waste on campus and diverted products from landfills by more than 10% from five years ago;
  • Our tree replacement policy ensures that any tree lost on campus is replaced at a more than 1:1 ratio based on age. Ex. A 50 year old tree will be replaced with 5 native trees;
  • Over the summer our Big Fan Project was completed, with new fans in main gathering areas around campus to provide additional comfort, while reducing heating costs.

Our next big project involves the windows in our historic buildings, including Osler Hall, the W.A. Johnson Classroom Block, the Memorial Chapel and Boulden House. These windows, all between 70 and 100 years old, while beautiful, were not made with energy conservation in mind. Many now have cracked panes, ill fitting frames, and in some cases, serious leaks. With new frames and energy efficient panes, it will not only improve the aesthetics, but also reduce our emissions, increase comfort and regulate the temperature in these areas. We would save thousands in utility costs, with an up to 14% reduction in gas consumption.

Thanks to the donors to the Michael Bedford-Jones ’61 Chapel Project, one set of windows in the Memorial Chapel was replaced earlier this year. While the style of the window was preserved, it was costly, as each window is a custom job. This is the case throughout our historic buildings.

Your gift to the Window Refurbishment Project today will preserve our history, while preparing us for the future. On behalf of TCS students, current and future, thank you for our support!

With best wishes,

Jazzy W., Grade 11 Sustainability Steward
Bianca R., Grade 10 Sustainability Steward
Avery G., Grade 11 TEAC Leader


Make your gift today

Gifts can be made at, or by calling the philanthropy & alumni office at 905-885-1295. If you have any questions regarding this project or how to make your gift, please reach out to us at