Facts & Figures

5-12 day co-educational
9-12 boarding co-educational
College preparatory

Total Enrolment
580 students total

Breakdown of Day and Boarding
Junior School day students: 106
Senior School day students: 192
Senior School boarding students: 282

Breakdown Per Grade
Grade 5: 14
Grade 6: 20
Grade 7: 36
Grade 8: 36
Grade 9: 91
Grade 10: 125
Grade 11: 136
Grade 12: 122

Breakdown of Male and Female
Total Enrolment: 53% Boys, 47% Girls
Jr. Day boys: 54
Jr. Day girls: 52
Sr. Day boys: 107
Sr. Day girls: 85
Boarding boys: 145
Boarding girls: 137
Total boys: 306
Total girls: 274

A complete listing of our tuition and fees can be found on our Fees page.

40 hectares (100 acres), including: nine playing fields, indoor hockey arena, five gyms, swimming pool, harrier course, five squash courts, four tennis courts, outdoor beach volleyball and basketball courts

Port Hope, Ontario, Canada; overlooking Lake Ontario; three blocks south of Highway 401; 100 km (62 miles) east of Toronto

Financial Assistance 
33% of students receive aid based on need

Male boarding houses: Bethune, Bickle and Brent
Female boarding houses: Burns, Ketchum and Scott
Male day houses: Hodgetts and Orchard
Female day houses: Wright and Rigby

Academic Departments
Computer Studies, English, The Arts, Health & Physical Education, Languages & Culture, Mathematics, Science, Social Science

93 full-time Senior School faculty
4 part-time Senior School faculty
14 Junior School faculty

Student to Faculty Ratio and Class Size (Senior School)
Student to Faculty Ratio: 6:1
Class size range: 12 to 20 students

University Placement
Click here for current university placement information

Extra-curricular activities
18 inter-school sports (click here for details), recreational sports/fitness (all terms), community service, arts (theatre, music, debate, dance and more), student clubs, dances, cultural excursions

Geographic Distribution of Students
Largely Ontario (360+ students), with the remainder from across Canada (30 students) and 187 students from 34 countries outside Canada

10,000 volumes in print, e-book and audiobook; online database; print and digital journals

$53 million

Operating Budget

Active Alumni
5,700 approximately