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Green Curriculum

TCS offers an enriched academic curriculum and co-curricular programming, integrating environmental learning into all grades, many subject areas and clubs.

Focus courses

Senior School Focus Courses

  • Grade 12 Environment and Resource Management (CGR4M)
  • Grade 11 Healthy Living and Outdoor Activities (PAD30)
  • Grade 11 Environmental Science (online course) (SVN3Me)

Junior School


The Trinity Environmental Action Club

The Trinity Environmental Action Club (TEAC) is a student-led group that researches and implements actions to reduce Trinity College School’s impact on the environment. Students hold eco-themed chapel services, garbage clean-ups, awareness campaigns and fundraisers.

Farm Field Forest

As part of the Activity for Life co-curricular program, Senior School students are able to work three days a week after school growing and harvesting vegetables for use in Osler Hall and donation to the local food bank, doing trail work, and caring for trees and shrubs in our forests and meadows.