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Green Certifications
Ontario EcoSchools

Ontario EcoSchools

Since 2012, TCS has been certifying with the Ontario EcoSchools program as a way to increase our environmental education and actions. Led by TEAC, the Sustainability Committee and many individuals, we annually complete environmentally-themed tasks in the areas of: teamwork and leadership, energy conservation, waste management, school ground greening, curriculum and environmental stewardship. Over the first five years, TCS certified at the silver level twice, moving up to the gold level for the next three years. In 2017, we received our first platinum level certification showing a comprehensive, dedicated approach to sustainability. Since that date, we have continued to receive platinum level certification annually.

Ontario EcoSchools Platinum 2019
Ontario EcoSchools Special Edition 2020
Ontario EcoSchools Platinum 2021
Ontario EcoSchools Platinum 2022
Ontario EcoSchools Platinum 2023
Green Schools Alliance

Green Schools Alliance

TCS has been a member of the international Green Schools Alliance since 2014 and uses their START program (Sustainability Tracking and Reporting Tool) to guide our progress through our TCS Sustainability Plan.