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Weekends at TCS

Trinity College School is a boarding school that prioritizes the diverse experiences of an international and domestic student community living and learning together. Weekends on campus are meant to be an opportunity to develop the habits of the hearts and minds, outside of the classroom, through cultural excursions, community events, as well as athletics, arts and service opportunities. For that reason, there are weekends when all* students are expected to be on campus (Closed Weekends), and weekends when students are encouraged to leave campus in order to support their wellbeing (Quiet Weekends). Requests for leave from campus for boarding students are approved by the head of house with parent permission and normally would begin following the completion of all co-curricular activities on Saturday.

Long Weekends at TCS

There are five long weekends during the academic year during which campus is closed and students take time off-campus to rest and recharge. Students may travel home, or go into the care of a responsible adult during this time. On the November Break and Victoria Day Break (in May), students may choose to participate in a school trip instead of travelling home or staying with a guardian. Offerings vary from year to year, but there is always a trip within Canada that is open to all students during these two long weekends (fees apply). Note that trips are subject to cancellation if enrolment is unpredictably low.

For Thanksgiving Break (in October), February Mid-Term Break, and Easter Break, international students are able to request to stay on campus, for a fee, and only in cases where they do not have a suitable alternative. Services on campus are limited during this time, but students are able to stay in their own rooms and access campus facilities. Students will be supervised by members of the student life team. Students requesting this service should not expect to be granted leave outside of Port Hope, overnight leave, or leave to a day student’s house. Students will be responsible for some of their own meals and will be expected to adhere to additional check-ins beyond the regular routine expectations set out in Life at Trinity.

Families needing support in accessing TCS-led alternatives for long weekends should contact the Ancillary Programs Director, Michelle Bishop, at

Note that, while there are some school-sanctioned trips that take place during a portion of the March Break, the School is otherwise closed during December Break and March Break.

2023-2024 Long Weekend Schedule

Thanksgiving Break, October 5-9, 2023:

  • On-campus option available ($550 CDN)
  • Registration deadline: September 21, 2023

Mid-Term Break, November 9-13, 2023:

  • Lake Louise Trip ($3,500 CDN)
  • Registration deadline: October 4, 2023

Mid-Term Break, February 14-19, 2024:

  • On-campus option available ($650 CDN)
  • Registration deadline: January 31, 2024

Easter Break, March 28-April 1, 2024:

  • On-campus option available ($550 CDN)
  • Registration deadline: March 6, 2024

Victoria Day Break, May 16-20, 2024:

  • Vancouver Island Service Trip ($3,500 CDN)
  • Registration deadline extended: November 9, 2023

To register, please contact the Ancillary Programs Director, Michelle Bishop, at

*On Closed Weekends, day students will typically attend co-curriculars on campus for a portion of Saturday.