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Head of Trinity College School's Welcome

For more than 150 years, Trinity College School (TCS) has been internationally recognized for excellence in educating young people. It is no surprise that our challenging and encouraging environment has helped TCS graduates gain entrance to top universities around the world, and that our alumni are leaders in their communities. But this is just half the story.

TCS has always been keenly involved in character development, as reflected in our mission, “developing habits of the heart and mind for a life of purpose and service.” Given the challenges facing our planet today, we know our students will be called upon to lead their communities, their colleagues, their cause and, in some cases, their countries. If we are to best prepare our students to meet these challenges, we must inspire them to become leaders of character, purpose and vision.

At TCS we think that the quality of character determines the quality of leader. As such, we challenge our students to establish worthy goals and to act to good purpose. We cultivate integrity in our students. We encourage honest and constructive conduct. And, on the strength of our people, our programme and our place, we help to develop leaders who are broad-minded, intelligent, thoughtful and confident.

If you are considering Trinity College School as a destination, I trust that this website will provide you with many of the details you desire.

However, in order to truly experience the strong, supportive community that is TCS, I would like to extend an open invitation to visit us in person. I can promise you that the caring and energizing environment that we foster and enjoy will prove unique from any other school you may have visited.

I very much look forward to welcoming you to campus.


Stuart K.C. Grainger
Head of Trinity College School

Stuart Grainger, Head of Trinity College School
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