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Senior School

The Senior School encompasses four years of secondary or high school, beginning in Grade 9 and culminating in Grade 12. During that time, students are exposed to learning in the classroom, on the playing fields, in arts and community service activities and in the daily interactions with teachers and a diverse and inclusive population of like-minded, hard-working students. Our liberal arts program is designed to give students a broad and rich exposure to many disciplines and is a reflection of our School's mission to develop habits of the heart and mind for lives of purpose and service.

Once at TCS, students begin their Signature Journey in good company, working together with their peers through a strong core program and a formative set of non-negotiable expectations—attending chapel, participating in our house system, immersing themselves in sports, arts and service as well as engaging with our challenging compulsory courses. By starting our students on the same path, we ensure that all develop vital academic skillsets and deep roots in a community bound by shared values and unifying goals.

While we anchor the TCS experience in the stability of shared experiences, we also empower each of our students to pursue a unique path, propelled by personal interests, aptitudes and passions. Our array of elective classes invites students to study the classics, delve more deeply into the sciences, explore the arts or investigate issues in government and politics. This academic experience is enriched by co-curricular offerings that range from cricket to the improv team to the field, farm and forest club.

Our students are given choices—and, just as importantly, are given counsel in choosing well. Supported by invested teachers, heads of houses, guidance counsellors and coaches, our students take healthy risks, assume personal responsibility, learn from mistakes, and step beyond comfort zones. As a staff, our deep commitment to working harder and caring more, reflected in ongoing professional development and careful consideration of student feedback, ensures that TCS teaching strategies remain relevant and responsive to our students. Outside the classroom, our staff provides guidance and tutoring, tends to our students’ emotional and social needs, and even makes sure they’re eating properly—making ourselves and all our resources available to them every day.

At the end of their TCS Signature Journey, our students are well-prepared to forge ahead on the path that lies before them: to embrace opportunites at university, to find their footing in the workplace, and, ultimately, to build meaningful and satisfying lives. They emerge from TCS knowing not just what they want to be, but who they are—and in the process of navigating the twists and turns within their journey, they have realized the potential and power within themselves.

Maple Leaf

TCS Offers a $58,000 Incentive for Canadian Boarding Students Entering Grade 9

If your child is entering Grade 9 and is Canadian, Trinity College School wants to invest in his or her future. The Canadian Families Boarding Incentive Program is your child’s opportunity to experience the full benefits of a boarding education at TCS at a 20% savings. For qualifying Canadian families, this equals a savings of $58,000 over four years!