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Embracing the Power of Threes: A Tribute to the Trinity Term

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Growing up, my mother often reminded me that "everything comes in threes," a mantra that resonated with both the highs and lows of life. But today, I will focus on the positive aspects of this belief, particularly as I reflect on the unique rhythm of the school year at TCS, where each term holds its own magic.

Rather than viewing the school year in halves, I look at it as divided into three terms and connect them to the changing seasons: Michaelmas for autumn, Lent for winter, and Trinity for spring – a personal favourite.

Other than my obvious fondness for the word “Trinity,” I enjoy this term the most for a host of reasons; but, let me identify three, in keeping with the theme.

Firstly, the arrival of spring offers a breathtaking transformation across our campus. As nature awakens from its slumber, we are treated to vibrant greenery, chirping birds, and the sun graces us with its warmth. It's a time of renewal and possibility. Students are drawn outdoors, whether to gather with friends for a chat on the terraces, or to find a quiet spot under a blossoming tree to study. There is no shortage of ways to embrace the 100 acres of nature that surrounds us here on the TCS campus.

Secondly, Trinity marks the final term for our graduating classes; it is a poignant milestone. For both Grade 12 and Grade 8 students, it's a time of reflection, celebration and, soon, bittersweet farewells, whether they will be moving on from our Junior School community or leaving TCS altogether. Their journey has been one of growth, friendships and unforgettable experiences, and now they stand on the threshold of new beginnings.

Thirdly, the Trinity term offers an opportunity for forward-thinking. I find myself filled with hope and optimism for the future. While some may view the future with apprehension, I see boundless opportunities for the young generation. With advancements in quality of life, greater work-life balance and unprecedented choices, today's youth are poised to carve out paths that previous generations could only dream of. How exciting to be young!

As we embark on this final term together, let us embrace three guiding principles: wonder at the beauty around us; gratitude for the journey we've shared; and hope for the limitless possibilities that lie ahead.