Summer Academy

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Tuesday, July 4 - Friday, July 28, 2023


  • CGC1De, Grade 9 Issues in Canadian Geography
  • CHV2Oe, Civics and Citizenship (0.5 credit*)
  • GLC2Oe, Career Studies (0.5 credit*)
  • CHC2De, Grade 10 Canadian History Since WW1
  • HSP3Ue, Grade 11 Introduction to Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology
  • SBI3Ue, Grade 11 Biology
  • MCR3Ue, Grade 11 Functions
  • MHF4Ue, Grade 12 Advanced Functions
  • ENG4Ue, Grade 12 English

* Please note that CHV2Oe and GLC2Oe are both half credit courses. It is possible to register for both or either CHV2Oe (July 4 - 14) or GLC2Oe (July 17 - 28). The fee for a single half credit course is $795 CDN.

Trinity College School was one of the first schools in Canada to embrace the potential of e-learning, having offered online summer courses for over 18 years.

TCS's online summer courses are group paced; students move through the course units together interacting through real-time video conferencing, discussion forums and a smartphone app. Considerations are made for different time zones to enable students, no matter where they are in the world, to actively participate in real-time with their teacher and peers.

Students taking online courses through TCS experience the same level of care, attention and commitment to student success as our on-campus programming.

TCS offers online courses in partnership with eLearning Consortium Canada (eLCC).

Summer 2023 Online Course Fee: $1,395 CDN

All Summer Academy offerings are open to the public. Inquiries may be directed to Michelle Bishop, Ancillary Programs Director (