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June 28 - July 23, 2021


  • Grade 9 Issues in Canadian Geography, CGC1De
  • Grade 10 Civics and Citizenship, CHV2Oe & Career Studies, GLC2Oe*
  • Grade 10 Canadian History Since WW1, CHC2De
  • Grade 11 Biology, SBI3Ue
  • Grade 11 Functions, MCR3Ue
  • Grade 11 Introductions to Psychology, Sociology & Anthropology, HSP3Ue
  • Grade 12 Advanced Functions, MHF4Ue
  • Grade 12 English, ENG4Ue

* Please note that CHV2Oe and GLC2Oe are both half credit courses. It is possible to register for either CHV2Oe (June 28 to July 9) or GLC2Oe (July 12 to July 23). The fee for a single half credit course is $795.

Trinity College School was one of the first schools in Canada to embrace the potential of e-learning, having offered online summer courses for over 18 years.

TCS's online summer courses are group paced; students move through the course units together interacting through real-time video conferencing, discussion forums and a smartphone app. Considerations are made for different time zones to enable students, no matter where they are in the world, to actively participate in real-time with their teacher and peers.

Students taking online courses through TCS experience the same level of care, attention and commitment to student success as our on-campus programming.

TCS offers online courses in partnership with eLearning Consortium Canada (eLCC). For additional summer course offerings, visit

Summer 2021 Online Course Fee: $1,395

All Summer Academy offerings are open to the public. Inquiries may be directed to Lisa Redmond, Acting Director of Summer Programs (