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Welcome back…and welcome to…the routines of the Junior School

Submitted by jreid on

The energy in Boulden House has been palpable this week as we welcomed back our new and returning students, faculty and staff. Boulden is really not the same without our students in it, and this year in particular feels like a fresh start. While we know that our students are sitting with many emotions this week – excitement, nervousness, fear, joy – we hope that the connections being made in the classroom and on the playground with teachers and classmates are helping students feel more settled and part of a caring community.

In our staff meetings last week, we spoke about the next 20 days as being key to building rapport and routines. There are many moving parts that make up a typical TCS day – from the uniform, to the schedule, to what to eat at Osler Hall – each and every aspect makes the day unique but also challenging (in a good way!). Using these next 20 days to truly hone in on key routines at school and from home will inevitably help our students be successful in all aspects.

So, why are routines so important and why do we, in the Junior School, value time spent on developing them? Essentially, routines help students feel in control of their environment. Students learn to feel safe and secure when following a routine; they know what is happening now and then what comes next; they know how to do an activity or task with confidence; and they feel better prepared to engage fully in learning. All important reasons for us to take our time in the Junior School building routines that will, invariably, enable our students to be the best person and student they can be.

As a parent, you might be asking yourself, “how can I help from home?” The article “Establishing or Reinventing Home Routines and Responsibilities for Learning Success” provides many great tips to support your child – from sleeping to homework to managing big emotions. Once a plan for a routine has been decided, it’s time to be consistent, to be prepared, to make it fun and to set small goals that can be rewarded when attained.

Here’s to a great start and the building of routines that will make this year a happy and healthy one for students and parents alike!