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Students immersed in culture and history on journey to Italy and Switzerland
  • Students in front of the Basilica of Santa Croce in Florence

We’re delighted to share the extraordinary experiences from Trinity College School’s recent March Break excursion to Switzerland and Italy! It was an enriching journey filled with cultural immersion and historical exploration.

Our adventure commenced in Zurich, Switzerland’s vibrant financial centre. While exploring the city, students gained insights into its economic significance and global trade dynamics. The highlight of the day was our visit to the Swiss Chocolate Factory, where students delighted in unlimited chocolate tasting — an experience that intertwined with discussions on economics, consumer behaviour and the importance of sustainable production processes. The journey continued with a breathtaking gondola ride to the summit of Mount Pilatus, which offered stunning panoramic views. 

Our travels then took us to Italy. One of the first stops had students standing before Juliet’s statue in Verona, pondering the enduring themes of love and tragedy immortalized by Shakespeare’s pen. Students were then captivated by Venice’s unique charm and rich history as they embarked on a guided walking tour through its labyrinthine streets and watched a glass-blowing demonstration on the island of Burano. A favourite moment of the trip was the gondola ride along the picturesque canals, where students immersed themselves in the city’s timeless beauty. 

Florence beckoned with its unparalleled treasures of art and intellect. At the Duomo, students looked up in awe at the architectural marvels of Brunelleschi’s dome, a testament to human ingenuity and engineering. A visit to the Galileo Museum allowed students to gain deeper insight into the scientific discoveries that reshaped our understanding of the universe. Many students shared that the guided tour and observing Galileo’s finger were highlights of the trip. Visits to the Accademia Gallery, home to Michelangelo’s iconic sculpture of David — a sublime representation of artistic perfection – and the Uffizi Gallery, where students beheld Botticelli's The Birth of Venus – a captivating portrayal of beauty and grace that continues to inspire – showcased the artistic genius nurtured under the Medici family’s patronage.

Before reaching Rome, our group paused in Assisi where the legacy of St. Francis was explored with a guided tour. Our journey culminated in Rome, where students were transported through time amidst the ancient wonders of the Roman Forum and the Colosseum. These iconic landmarks served as a testament to the enduring legacy of Rome’s empire and the remarkable achievements of its civilization.

As we bid farewell to Switzerland and Italy, we’re grateful for the enriching experiences and lasting memories shared during our expedition. We hope the insights gained from our cultural immersion will inspire students to continue exploring the interconnectedness of economics, history, art, literature and science in shaping our world. We eagerly anticipate more adventures in the future!

A warm thank you to Mr. Greg MacPherson. Throughout the journey, Mr. MacPherson’s engaging interactions, insightful commentary and willingness to share his knowledge added depth to our explorations. Mr. MacPherson’s genuine care fostered an environment of learning, curiosity and camaraderie. 

We are extremely grateful to Mrs. Sheri Gardner for her unwavering dedication to our students’ wellbeing and steadfast support throughout every stage of planning and executing this trip. From the initial conception to the final farewell, Ms. Gardner’s guidance and expertise ensured the success of our journey. 

Lastly, sincere gratitude to the members of the senior leadership team for their belief in this trip. Their support and trust made this journey possible. 

Click on the links below for multimedia from the trip:

- By Shannon Rauh-Wasmund, chaperone