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Five students earn Distinction in the winter term of sports
  • collage of award recipient photos

The Trinity College School community looked back a wonderful term of competitive Senior School sports at the Winter Athletic Awards ceremony, held Friday, April 5th in the Memorial Chapel. In addition to the presentation of awards recognizing commitment, leadership and achievement on the part of our student-athletes, it was a chance to reflect on a very successful season that included CISAA league bronze for the Bigside girls and Middleside boys hockey teams; the alpine ski team sweeping all four divisions at the CISAA Championships plus an OFSAA provincial bronze for the school-trained boys team; and multiple CISAA medals and an OFSAA bronze (Senior girls 200m freestyle relay) in swimming.

As part of the ceremony, five students were presented with Distinction awards, representing a superior level of achievement on the part of a student who has also demonstrated commitment and served as an ambassador for the School in their athletic endeavours. They are: Grade 12 volleyball players Emilie V. and Danie G., Grade 12 basketball players Cheuk L. and Lana A., and Grade 11 skier Addy O. 

As well, 21 students were presented with ties acknowledging their third season on a Bigside team at TCS: Lana A., Hannah B., Lila B., Danica B., Léa Jane D., JJ F., Maddie G., Dexton G., Scott G., Atticus H., Aidan H., Théa I., Luke M., Aitor M., Semi O., Serar O., Charlotte P., Abby R., Bianca R., Henry S. and Celina Z.

View the Winter Athletics Awards ’24 gallery for more photos from the ceremony.

Other awards presented included:

Bigside Boys Hockey

  • J.W. Kerr Trophy (MVP): Hunter R. (Grade 11)
  • R.W. Goodall Trophy (leadership): Joey P. (Grade 12), Matthew A. (Grade 12)
  • V. Baranov Trophy (top scorer): Hunter R. (Grade 11)
  • Coaches Award: Max L. (Grade 12)

Middleside Boys Hockey

  • McLean Trophy (leadership): Alex P. (Grade 11)
  • Coaches Award (most outstanding performer): Jake L. (Grade 11)
  • Large-Ramsay Trophy (MVP): Johnny B. (Grade 11)

Bigside Girls Hockey

  • McCaughey Cup (MVP): Sarah F. (Grade 12)
  • Stroud Cup (most improved): Kennedy D. (Grade 10)
  • Tarah Clark Trophy (leadership): Sarah F. (Grade 12), Val N. (Grade 12)

Bigside Boys Basketball

  • Jim Kerr Trophy (leadership): Cheuk L. (Grade 12)
  • John W. Barnett Trophy (MVP): Lana A. (Grade 12)
  • Coaches Award: Lasse P. (Grade 12)

Middleside Boys Basketball

  • Coaches Award (most improved): Logan C. (Grade 11)
  • Coaches Award (MVP): Brodie R. (Grade 11)

Littleside Boys Basketball

  • D. Hadley Armstrong Cup (MVP): Cameron J. (Grade 10)
  • Coaches Award: Lachlan T. (Grade 10)

Bigside Girls Volleyball

  • Feddery Cup (most deserving): Maeka I. (Grade 10), Natalie B. (Grade 11)
  • Lyn Lowry Trophy (leadership): Danie G. (Grade 12), Emilie V. (Grade 12)

Middleside Girls Volleyball

  • Coaches Award (most improved): Abby M. (Grade 10)
  • Coaches Award (MVP): Mahi N. (Grade 11)

Littleside Girls Volleyball

  • Coaches Award: Mary P. (Grade 9), Victoria F. (Grade 9)

Alpine Skiing

  • John Armstrong Award (top skiers): Addy O. (Grade 11), Atticus H. (Grade 11), Ally J. (Grade 11), Emerson M. (Grade 12)
  • Ted Savage Trophy (contribution): Emerson M. (Grade 12), Aidan S. (Grade 12), Léa Jane D. (Grade 12)
  • Bill Strong Memorial Trophy (most improved): Nicolas B. (Grade 11), Lucy P. (Grade 9)


  • Danielson Trophy (Littleside boys best swimmer): Edgar M. (Grade 9), Noah S. (Grade 9)
  • Housemasters Cup (Littleside girls best swimmer): Izzy S. (Grade 9)
  • Pat Osler Trophy (Bigside boys best swimmer): Jason L. (Grade 11)
  • Mary I. Wood Trophy (Bigside girls best swimmer): Sophie T. (Grade 11)
  • Sebastien Goulet Trophy (Bigside leadership): Catherine M. (Grade 12), Hannah T. (Grade 11)

Littleside Squash

  • Arnold D. Massey Award (most promising newcomer): Warren H. (Grade 9)
  • Ernest Howard Trophy (top player): Gabin C. (Grade 10)

Middleside Squash

  • Ron Reynolds Trophy (dedication): Charles D. (Grade 11)

Bigside Squash

  • Philip Ketchum Award (contribution): Matthew R. (Grade 12)
  • Charles F. Bullen Trophy (best player): Luke M. (Grade 11)
  • Moorjani Family Trophy (leadership): Calissa Y. (Grade 12)
  • Coaches Award (girls): Serar O. (Grade 11), Sienna T. (Grade 12)