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Immersive Learning Experience: Spanish classes embark on cultural adventure to Lula Lounge
  • Students at Lula Lounge

On Wednesday, April 10th, Trinity College School’s Spanish students had the unique opportunity to step out of the classroom and into the vibrant world of Latin American culture. Led by Mrs. Velásquez-Labrecque, all three levels of Spanish classes embarked on an enriching field trip to Lula Lounge in Toronto, where they immersed themselves in an unforgettable day of learning and cultural exploration.

The highlight of the trip was a captivating workshop on Cuban Salsa, where students learned the intricate steps of this iconic dance and gained insight into its rich history and cultural significance. Under the guidance of experienced instructors, our students embraced the rhythm and spirit of Salsa, discovering new ways to express themselves through movement and music.

In addition to the dance workshop, students had the opportunity to put their language skills to the test by ordering food in Spanish. This real-world application of their classroom learning provided a valuable opportunity for students to engage with native speakers and build confidence in their language proficiency.

The trip broadened students’ understanding of Spanish language and culture and fostered a sense of community and camaraderie among classmates. As they laughed, danced and shared experiences, students formed lasting memories that will continue enriching their language-learning journey.

The field trip to Lula Lounge was a resounding success, showcasing the transformative impact of immersive experiences in education. The Spanish teacher expresses deep gratitude for the support of the dedicated administration in making this unforgettable opportunity possible. Additionally, commendation is extended to the students for wholeheartedly embracing the adventure and actively participating in every aspect of the trip. The Spanish teacher continues to seek innovative ways to enrich learning experiences and provide more opportunities for the Spanish students to explore and celebrate the diverse cultures that shape our world.

- By Profesora Maria Cecilia Velásquez-Labrecque, Spanish teacher