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Tottenham Players deliver 10th production to energetic audiences!
  • Cast of Tinker Bell

On April 5th and 6th, Trinity College School's Tottenham Players took to the stage for their tenth full-scale dramatic production - Tinker Bell. The play, by Patrick Flynn, based on the classic story by J.M. Barrie, shared the story of Peter Pan through the eyes of the feisty, flying fairy. Tinker Bell (Addy T.) shared with the audience her journey in finding a friend in Peter Pan (Finlay G.), the boy who loathed the idea of growing up. The two learned what it means to be a friend, through thick and thin. Tinker Bell took us through how Peter gathered the Lost Crew (Weston A., Antonia P., Nadia K., Cora M.) from the parks of London. Those future doctors, lawyers and bankers found a haven from growing up in Neverland. Little by little, the Lost Crew shook off the trappings of society and became creatures of Neverland. Finally, Tinker Bell sprinkled fairy dust on the Darling children, Wendy (Kate T.), John (Aidan M.) and Michael (Edward L.) and they followed Peter by the second star on the right and straight on until morning. The children left the nursery and the watchful eyes of Mrs. Darling (Arwen R.) and their dear nurse, Nana (Esther N.). 

This story would not be complete without a villain! The dreaded pirate, Captain Hook (Oshio O.), and his boatswain, Mr. Smee (Ronan T.), rounded out this tale of adventure. Along with two other scalawag pirates (Arwen R. & Esther N.), they sought to claim Neverland. Captain Hook had an unfortunate run-in with the resident crocodile (Nolan S.), who dined on a scrumptious hand! The audience "oohed" and "aahed" as they watched sword battles, saw smoke rising from chimneys and watched fairy dust flutter through the air. They joined Peter in clapping to show that they believed in fairies, resulting in Tinker Bell rising again after drinking the poison that was meant for Peter. 

The backbone of the production was the talented crew! The stage crew (Alicia L., Karl T., Amelia T., Claire G., Foster D., Edwin L., Nolan S., Edward L.) moved set pieces on and off stage in an efficient manner. The style crew (Ms. Kate Hessin, Sophia S., Isabella I., Julia L.) ensured that each actor looked the part. The props crew (Peyton B., Abby B.) brought all of the little details to life. The publicity crew (Mr. Alex Gordon, Mike L., Harper N., Max V., Jace Z., Julia L., Mr. Joshuah Brown) managed the crowd of fans and admirers. Ms. Jennifer Campbell put her sewing talent into action to be sure each costume fit like a glove. The lighting assistant and sound manager was Lucas G. He worked alongside Mr. Stefan Wilson to be sure the lighting and sound effects enhanced the production. Photos of the students and show were captured by Mrs. Kathy LaBranche and Joffre LaBranche '18. 

This production was marked by its collaboration. Members of the TCS Junior School staff, the facilities department, culinary services, information technology services and the Senior School arts department all loaned their talent and time to bring this production to the stage. Mrs. Jennifer Reid was a stalwart support and the dedicated cast and crew brought enthusiasm to each and every rehearsal. 

The final piece of this successful puzzle was two energetic and supportive audiences! The family and friends that came out to support the cast and crew engaged with the actors and carried everyone through with their applause. 

Thank you to the whole community for being a part of this incredible theatrical experience!

See you on stage in 2026!

- By Heather McClure, Grade 5 teacher